My Doctor Said No Cure for My Neuropathy, But Then I Found Relief  That Ended Pain & Tingling For Good
By Dr. Henry |  2023 | 13:11 am EDT
Describing neuropathy to someone who's never felt it is a tough task.

It's like a constant prickling of a thousand needles in my feet, with unbearable burning and tingling that never lets up.

Neuropathy has stolen my life away.

A simple walk to the bathroom is a painful ordeal, let alone going out, strolling with friends, or playing with my grandkids.

I miss the days when I could do whatever I pleased without a second thought. Now, every step feels like treading on glass shards.

Even sleep eludes me as pain keeps me awake.

But the most heartbreaking part is the sense of burden I've become to my family.

I've always been an independent, strong woman...

Yet now, even the simplest tasks require help from others.

I despise feeling like a burden, but I'm at a loss for what else to do.

I Was Swallowing So Many Pills Just to Get Through the Day
My regular doctor repeatedly said there was no cure for my neuropathy.
All he did was give me painkillers and essentially told me to get used to constant pain.
But I couldn't just accept that.
It was hard to believe that in this modern age with all its advancements, there was no hope for my feet.
So, I began scouring the internet for an alternative solution.
Before long, I stumbled upon a person who seemed to have the answer.
That's When I Encountered a Doctor, an Esteemed Neuropathy Specialist
For nearly a decade, he's dedicated himself to developing groundbreaking solutions to combat neuropathy.
His office walls were adorned with numerous certificates and awards.
On his website, you'd find countless testimonials from thankful individuals who attested to him having saved their lives.
Meeting him was incredibly thrilling for me!
Yet, my admiration was swiftly eclipsed by SHOCK when he began speaking and unveiled the true source of my neuropathy.
The words he uttered left me frozen with fear:
Your Foot Nerves Are Slowly Suffocating and Fading Away
Our foot nerves, like all our body's cells, rely on a steady oxygen supply for proper functioning.
This vital oxygen begins its journey in the lungs, travels through the heart, and is distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream.
This system operates flawlessly until the aging process kicks in.
As we age, our total body water decreases, leading to less fluid in the bloodstream and reduced blood volume.
With less blood available, the heart struggles to deliver adequate oxygen to various body cells.
For diabetics, the situation worsens, as excess blood sugar reduces blood vessel elasticity and causes constriction, further obstructing blood flow.
As a result, the oxygen journey to our feet, farthest from the heart, prolongs...
...until the foot nerve cells start to suffocate and die off, resulting in the burning pain, unbearable tingling, and eventual numbness.
It's worth repeating:
Right now, your foot nerve cells are suffocating and deteriorating due to insufficient oxygen from your blood.
...And there isn't a single pill that can prevent it.
Painkillers Are Only Making It Worse
Your doctor may have prescribed Gabapentin or Lyrica for your neuropathy, but that might not be the best approach.
Why? Because these painkillers merely mask the pain without addressing the root issue of your dying nerve cells.
As the doctor pointed out...
It's like having a car with a lot of squeaky noises because it's low on oil, and you just crank up the music so you can't hear it.
In reality, you're ignoring the genuine underlying problem.
Pain and tingling act as warning signals from your body...
...and it's crucial not to overlook them before it's too late.
If You're Still Experiencing Pain and Tingling, That's a Positive Sign!
Nerve cells produce burning and tingling as they shrink.
...And when they perish, you just go numb.
So if you still experience burning and tingling, it means some of your cells remain alive.
Why is this significant?
Because according to the National Institute of Health:
As long as your feet aren't completely numb, there's a possibility to protect the surviving nerve cells and possibly reverse your neuropathy.
At Last, the Doctor Revealed the ONE Method to Reverse Neuropathy
The key is to enhance blood flow to your feet.
It's reasonable to believe that by improving the blood supply to your feet, the nerve cells can receive the oxygen they desperately need
This, in turn, can help ease neuropathy symptoms.
But how can you achieve this?

Traditional medicine often suggests that moving around more is the way to boost circulation.

However, movement can be the last thing on your mind when you're in pain.

So, what's the solution?

I posed this question, and that's when I first heard these words:

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Technology.

This New Breakthrough Technology Fixes Blood Circulation Issues and Reverses Neuropathy in Mere Weeks
One day, the Doctor suggested I give this innovative EMS foot massager a try. He'd recently collaborated with a U.S. startup called TheraFoot to develop it.
Although there were only a few spots available for the clinical trials initially, the Doctor managed to include me since I worked at the hospital.
I must say, these devices work wonders. It was my first introduction to EMS, which stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology. I admit, when I first heard about it, it sounded like a foreign language to me.
It’s Not an Overstatement to Say That TheraFoot Pro NMES Foot Massager Saved My Life
After just a couple of weeks using the TheraFoot NMES Foor Massager, my neuropathy was gone.
I was in disbelief. After all those years of suffering, I finally found relief.
I can now walk without pain…
Stand for as long as I want…
Even sleep through the night comfortably.
It feels like I got a second chance at life.
Here’s How It Works
The Therafoot Pro Massager stands out for its user-friendliness.
To begin, you won't deal with any bothersome cords - just charge it using the provided plug and cable that come with your order.
Next, while optional, it's recommended to clean your feet and remove any excess skin for more effective massage treatment.
Then, place your feet on the foot pad, choose the massage mode and intensity level... and you're all set!
Simply relax while the massager works its magic, soothing pain, relieving tingling, and liberating you from neuropathy's grip.
Thousands Found Relief from Neuropathy Using This Device”
If you check out Therafoot Pro's, you Website, you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you who were able to completely reverse neuropathy:
Brittney Adams |
Verified Buyer

"Pretty powerful"

The mat shock can be felt even on lower settings. Pretty powerful but gentle. It’s super healing

Will Tyler |
Verified Buyer

"Definitely better than taking medication"

I was a little skeptical at first but when I tried it out, it made me feel a lot better. I have this numb feeling in my feet and this helped 100 percent. It has several settings depending on the level of massage and relief you're looking for. All settings work fine, and the different levels help.

Also, different types of massages depending on your level of discomfort, but there is definitely a level for you depending on your type of pain.

Definitely better than taking medication. I'm pleased with and would highly recommend it for you. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT.

Jennifer Cowell |
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"He isn’t complaining about his ankle pain at all anymore!"

My hubby broke his ankle 3 years ago, and he has been using this EMS, and he isn’t complaining about his ankle pain at all anymore! Hopefully the more he uses this the better things get!

Riley Brown |
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"It became easier for him to stand and work!!"

Bought this foot massage for my brother because he was telling me that his feet hurt after his work. His job is all about standing and work. After using this massage, it became easier for him to stand and work !!

Kyle Miner |
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"The best product I have purchased for my health in a long time"

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! This was the best product I have purchased for my health in a long time. It has an intense massage, super impressive for the price.

Cynthia Jacobson |
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"I felt the increase of blood circulation on my legs and soothing sensation instantly."

I carried it to one of my hiking trips and after a rigorous day massaged my feet. I got positively aw struck with such a portable massager able to release subtle electrical nerve simulations. It carries levels of adjustable intensities modes for a variety of massages all-in-one.

I felt the increase of blood circulation on my legs and soothing sensation instantly after a long stressful adventurous hiking. I am adoring the all -experience with this massager and will continue to cherish the massager along with me to relieve foot and leg fatigue in no time.

Love it! Do yourself a favor and get this portable powerful massager

Arnold Johnson |
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"Believe me, the feeling is incredible."

Whether you are extremely active or a couch potato, wear flats or heels, work your hours standing or sitting, you can benefit from this equipment because our feet do all the heavy lifting of our lives and are seriously neglected on a regular basis.

My feet often feel tired and achy and most of the time. I postpone exercising them properly or giving them a rub and some relaxation. That is why I decided to buy this product to have the benefits of foot massages while I keep being lazy about it, and the experience has been great!

I can choose the type of massage I like, the intensity I feel comfortable with, and have it for the time I prefer. Believe me, the feeling is incredible. In a few minutes it relieves pain and numbness, increases circulation and relaxes the muscles. I enjoy having my sessions before going to bed for a better sleep.

When feet hurt we are limited to do the things we need, want and love because we are in a state of discomfort and this is a very simple, inexpensive way to provide a possible solution to that problem.

What's even better is, you don't need to make a decision today! Just give it a try for 90 days - completely risk-free - and see the results for yourself.

Here’s the deal:
Therafoot has so much faith in their product that they don't want you to spend a cent until you're 100% sure it works for you.
That's why they offer a 90-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.
Simply get your Therafoot Pro Massager today, use it for 90 days, and then decide based on your results.
If, by any chance, it doesn't provide relief for you, they'll promptly refund your payment.
In other words, you only pay if it truly makes a significant difference in your life.
And based on my experience, I can nearly guarantee it will.
Ready? Here’s How to Place Your Order
Simply click the prominent green "CHECK AVAILABILITY" button.
It'll instantly take you to Therafoot's official, secure website.
There, you'll find an exclusive one-time offer specially reserved for first-time customers (up to 50% OFF).
All you have to do is click the "GET 50% OFF" button, and your discount code will be applied automatically.
Then, proceed to the checkout page. Here, you'll enter your name, address, and credit card details.
...And pick how many Therafoot Pro Massagers you'd like.
I recommend getting at least two because the more you order, the greater your discount (you could save as much as 67%!).
This is because Therafoot passes on the savings from shipping multiple products in a single box to you.
So whenever you're ready, click the prominent green button below and order your Therafoot Pro Massagers today at 50% OFF (or more).


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